Our amazing team of caring and conscious counselors and therapists represent a wide variety of perspectives, cultural and life experiences, ages, and worldviews. What we share in common is a deep commitment to anti-oppression work, self-awareness and a compassionate response to suffering.

Our therapeutic approaches differ based on our values, style and experience. With a diverse set of skills and styles, we hope to match you with someone that meets your specific needs. However, we know that we are not always a perfect fit for everyone who walks through our door, so please let us know if you would like to try working with another counselor and you’ll move to the front of the waitlist to meet another of our clinicians.

Saying “no” to one therapist may activate worry about your clinician’s feelings of rejection, but we encourage you to trust that we are well-practiced at managing our own feelings in favor of meeting your needs. Our work would not be terribly meaningful to us if you were not maximizing your opportunity for growth and feeling the best possible fit.

Amelia Righi, LMFT Intern

Individual and Relationship Therapist Philosophy and Approach: I believe people are buoyant and drawn towards wholeness. Our ability to experience conflict and pain and continue to move forward stems from our innate desire to grow and heal. It is also our core sense of self, as shaped by our environments, experiences, ...
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Anessa Lewis, LPC Intern

Individual and Relationship Counselor Philosophy and Approach: I bring humor, authenticity, caring, cultural humility, and curiosity into the therapy room. As such, these qualities form the basis of my therapeutic approach. I would describe myself as having a psychodynamic orientation, which basically means that I value and find richness in ...
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Camille Bishop, LPC Intern

Individual and Relationship Therapist Philosophy and Approach: I approach work with each client collaboratively and I view change as a journey we undertake together.  I bring a contemporary gestalt orientation to my practice. I believe that your identities, personality, present and past experiences in the world informs much of who and how ...
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Heather Sutch, LCSW

Clinical Co-Director | Individual and Relationship Therapist Philosophy and Approach: I believe that people have the capacity to  find the way of living that serves them the best and aim to assist  them in connecting to this. I believe that therapy is a collaborative  experience between client and therapist, in ...
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Kristi G. Erlich, LMFT

Clinical Director | Relationship and Individual Therapist Philosophy and Approach: It is my belief that people are the greatest experts on themselves and (even so) can sometimes become distracted from the truth of their inherent goodness and capability. This occurs when we are exposed to acute and/or prolonged traumatic experiences ...
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Lacey Buckingham, Student Intern

Student Intern Counselor Philosophy and Approach: I aim to create a supportive environment to facilitate healing and growth. My holistic and collaborative approaches help clients reach their goals. My therapeutic style incorporates compassion, empathy, understanding, and a little bit of humor while being mindful of the interplay of identity, culture, ...
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Lauren Cleary, ATR, LPC

Individual and Family Therapist Philosophy and Approach: I believe that by providing clients with the time, space, tools, and a trained, guiding witness to their process, individuals will heal and reach their potential. As an integrative therapist, I utilize my diverse tool bag of training so that I am able to ...
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Lizz Schallert, LCSW

Individual and Relationship Therapist Please note: Lizz is out of the office on a teaching sabbatical until mid-May, 2019. Please submit your intake form in early May to secure a spot in Lizz's schedule. Philosophy and Approach: In my work as a therapist I use a Client-Centered approach that trusts ...
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Sajani Patel, LPC

Individual and Relationship Counselor Philosophy and Approach: I believe that people have the capability  to create change, adjust to adverse experiences, and overcome  hardships. I also believe in the resiliency and power in people to  learn from mistakes, build skills, formulate positive perceptions,  create healthy relationships, develop a sense of ...
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Sawyer Salameh, LMFT Intern

Relationship and Individual Counselor Philosophy and Approach: I come from a systemic view in my work with  individuals, couples or families. My goal is to walk alongside my  clients on their paths, exploring events and opportunities on the way  that might aid them in their respective journeys. I focus on ...
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Sophe Jones, LMFT Intern

Individual and Relationship Counselor Philosophy and Approach: The goal I aim for in therapy is to collaboratively foster connection and community in client’s lives. I work from an affirming, strengths-based approach to support clients where they are at, and then to help in co-constructing future steps for development. In this I ...
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Thomás G. Grubb
(en español)

Filosofía y enfogue: La terapia es un instrumento poderoso que podemos canalizar hacia el cambio. El enfoque que implemento en el trabajo terapéutico se llama integración asimilativa. Mi orientación núcleo proviene de la terapia existencial, incluyendo las obras de Irving Yalom y Victor Frankl. Es decir que el hecho de ...
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Thomás G. Grubb, LPC Intern

Individual and Relationship Counselor Philosophy and Approach: Therapy is a powerful instrument we can  channel towards change. The approach I implement in therapeutic work  is called assimilative integration. My core orientation comes from  existential therapy including the work of Irving Yalom and Victor Frankl. As such, meaning-making is central to ...
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