Bren Boseman, LPC

Individual Counselor
Philosophy and Approach:
I firmly believe that we all have the power  and tools to heal ourselves within the framework of healthy relationships.  It is my duty to provide a safe and confidential environment in which  you can be seen, heard, and validated. I work according to Control  Mastery theory which proposes that all people are constantly working  toward wholeness and most often these attempts are unconscious. It is  my job to help you identify and encourage these attempts toward healing.  With the use art materials we will work toward a process of expression,  organization, and ultimately re-integration of feelings, thoughts, and  needs. I will be your ally in the difficult task of finding clarity and  relief from emotional confusion and pain.

Art Therapy: “Art therapy is not art”. Art materials are utilized in  order to process and gain insight into thoughts and feelings. Emphasis  is on the process of interacting with the materials which parallels one’s  interaction with the world. The product of this interaction is confidential. I can keep the art products in a locked space, you can take  them with you, or I can destroy them. This is up to you.

Sliding Scale Fee Structure: I am able to bill insurance. Your specific plan and policy determines coverage and copay. Please notify me in advance of our first appointment to determine coverage and benefits.

My regular fee for a 60-minute session is $125. I offer a discounted cash-pay rate of $85 which is payable at the time of service. I have limited sliding scale slots. Please contact me in advance if you are in need of sliding scale services.

Cancellations: Please call and cancel 24 hours in advance or you may be  charged for the session.

Bio: I have a Masters degree in art therapy and counseling from Marylhurst University. I am trained  to utilize both art and talk therapy. I have incorporated these  techniques to work with adults with a variety of needs, abilities,  concerns, and strengths. As an intern I worked with women who were  incarcerated at Coffee Creek Women’s Prison to assist them in their  process of self discovery and establishment of self esteem. In my final  year at Marylhurst,I was an intern counselor at the YWCA Counseling  Center where I worked with adults from all walks of life and many arenas  of our community. I continued this work at the YWCA as a volunteer  until recently. I have worked with folks who have experienced  depression, anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder, life transitions,  histories of abuse, loss and grief, etc. It is important to note that  I do not address my clients from an illness model. I do not believe that  diagnosis of disorders is always helpful. (For some it may be helpful  but each client is consulted on this issue). I have been trained and  have experience working with clients from the LGBTQ and BDSM community  and feel strongly about the importance of creating a safe and encouraging  environment for those who are disempowered in our society.

Licensure: I am currently licensed by the State of Oregon as a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC). As a licensee of the Oregon Board of Licensed Professional Counselors and Therapists and abide by its Code of Ethics.

Contact: Please contact me by phone or text at 503.317.5153 or by email at

Please be advised that email is not a secure form of communication, and while it is unlikely that your email communications would be of interest to nefarious pursuits, it is your risk to take. Owls’ Nest and I accept no responsibility for misuse or abuse of your communications. In an effort to minimize exposure/risk, we ask that you do not include any sensitive or process-oriented information in email, and utilize it solely for the purpose of logistical issues.