Ryan Loiselle, LPC Intern

Relationship and Individual Counselor
Philosophy and Approach: My primary focus as a practitioner is to create  and hold a safer space for my clients to explore those issues and challenges  that most affect their quality of life and their relationship to themselves  and others. I practice an existential-integrative approach that utilizes  gestalt theory and interventions to help clients raise critical awareness  of themselves, make meaning of being in the world, and experiment with new  ways of being. I’m highly relational, emotionally-focused, and continually  strive towards greater cultural competency with the hope that I can provide  my clients an opportunity to be more fully seen in a world in which they are  often missed.

I work collaboratively with my clients to identify goals for change and  growth, evaluate and honor past struggle, explore their identities, and  acquire the skills necessary to effectively meet the ongoing uncertainties  and complexities of life. The resultant increased wellness and satisfaction  of my clients is evidenced by their lived experience of freedom out of  restriction, new desire and capacity for authenticity, and sustained  willingness to explore new and affirming experiences. I anticipate that my  clients will be able to give voice to parts of themselves that might  otherwise remain silent, more clearly express their needs, and skillfully  reach to get those needs met Sliding Scale Fee Structure: Owls’ Nest North is committed to making services accessible to everyone regardless of ability to pay. We seek  to catch those who fall through the cracks of care in our current  system. My sliding scale is determined by the current fee schedule of Owls’ Nest North. If you are un- or under-insured and therefore forced  to pay out-of-pocket, please let me know prior to our first session, so  we can determine your eligibility for a sliding scale fee. If you are  experiencing difficulty navigating the new healthcare system, we are  also happy to support and advocate for you in becoming insured.

At this time, I am only available to see OHP subscribers and cash/ out-of-pocket payers. My fees with a cash-pay discount are: $80 for  individuals and $100 for couples/families.

Cancellations: Occasionally life intervenes and prevents us from  following through with our commitments. I trust our mutual respect of  one another’s time. As such, it is our policy to collect my full session fee for no-shows and sessions cancelled with less than 24  hours notice.

If you are an OHP client, our contract prohibits us from charging for missed appointments, but we are unable to hold appointment space  after two missed/late cancelled appointments.

Bio: I hold a Master’s degree in Professional Mental Health Counseling  from Lewis & Clark College and I’m trained to work with individuals  across the lifespan (children, adolescents and adults). I provide  individual, group, relationship (EFT), family therapy, and I am trained  in EMDR to assist those struggling with past trauma. Additionally, I have  experience helping my clients with depression and anxiety, grief and loss,  relationship and intimacy, neuro-diversity, existential concerns, chronic  pain, and substance abuse. As an existential therapist, I am comfortable  with and support clients to lean into distress and explore concerns related  to freedom, death and impermanence, isolation, and meaninglessness. I see  spirituality and particularly the meaning making capacity of individuals  as a natural resource and intrinsic to locating oneself in the world and  achieving optimal health and wellbeing.

My graduate program focus was counseling LGBT individuals and I am a  founding member of the Oregon chapter of the Association of Lesbian, Gay,  Bisexual and Transgender Issues in Counseling (OALGBTIC). I have been  working primarily with transgender, non-binary, queer and questioning  individuals and their families since 2016. While my clinical specialty is  providing gender affirming psychotherapy, I work with individuals with a  broad range of cultural and social identities. My work with minoritized  individuals has helped me understand more broadly the ways social  inequities impact individuals and communities across the intersections  of race, class, gender, sexuality, and ability to name a few and I am  devoted to helping all of my clients, regardless of their identities to  increase their sense of agency in the face of systems of oppression.

I have been engaged in community organizing and social activism within the queer community for much of my adult life and view my clinical work  as a natural extension of my community advocacy. When I’m not doing  service work for several local service and activism organizations I  practice alternative spirituality, study philosophy, and have notably  geeky interests including a passion for Sci-fi, fantasy and RPGs.

Licensure: As an Intern registered with the Oregon Board of Licensed  Professional Counselors and Therapists, I abide by its Code of Ethics.  As an intern, I am currently under the clinical supervision of Margaret  Eichler, PhD, LPC (Oregon License #C2058). Please do not hesitate to ask  if you have questions about this.

Contact: ryan@owlsnestnorth.com * 503.281.1166

Please be advised that email is not a secure form of communication, and while it is unlikely that your email communications would be of interest to nefarious pursuits, it is your risk to take. Owls’ Nest and I accept no responsibility for misuse or abuse of your communications. In an effort to minimize exposure/risk, we ask that you do not include any sensitive or process-oriented information in email, and utilize it solely for the purpose of logistical issues.