Here are some answers to questions that come up very frequently:

What insurance do you accept?

Owls’ Nest North is in-network for all OHP plans and only under very rare circumstances are our services not covered. Certain providers may also be able to bill in-network for Moda, HealthNet/MHN, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Aetna and PacificSource, and can bill most other policies out-of-network. Whether or not we can bill your specific insurance for our services has little to do with the insurance company itself, and everything to do with which plan you are on. The only way to know is to contact us through the Intake link at the top of this page. Our staff will verify your benefits and coverage, and be in contact to let you know what that looks like.

Will I have a copay?

There is not currently a copay associated with OHP coverage. They cover your services 100%. Other insurance plans will have to be verified on an individual basis. Please use the Intake link in our navigation to get started.

How long is your waiting list?

This is 100% impossible to predict. If, for example, you are only available on Wednesdays at 2:30pm, you are literally waiting for a chance at three out of hundreds of clients to transition out of services for that spot to be open to you. If you have additional preferences in your counselor, such as age or gender, it narrows the options down further. If, on the other hand, you offer more flexibility, there are many more possibilities that could become available to you. No judgement…you are available when you are and you need what you need…just offering this scenario to clarify why waiting can be so unpredictable. We are a small operation and have a maximum of five therapists working at any given time.

Can I pay cash after I’ve used up my OHP sessions?

Unfortunately, OHP prohibits us from accepting cash from its subscribers. It’s their way of protecting more vulnerable people from being taken advantage of by unscrupulous providers. We recognize that it takes away your power to choose care for yourself, but our hands are tied if we continue to accept OHP. Please speak with your provider about other options for care while we wait for your authorization to expire.

Why do you have a cancellation policy?

Typically as counselors and therapists, we have the freedom to collect missed appointment fees from our clients that no-show or cancel without notice. Our OHP contract stipulates that we cannot collect these fees from its subscribers. Because we operate like a non-profit despite being for-profit and pay our workers living wages alongside a healthy work-life balance, we simply would not be able to keep our doors open if we didn’t maintain our policy.

Therapy is hard work and, whether it’s conscious or not, we sometimes avoid our sessions in a variety of ways. In addition, life throws a lot at us that is outside of our control. We understand those things 100%. It’s not meant to be punitive…only to cope with the realities (and share the burden) of working within a system that is stacked against all of us.

It also turns out that unreliable attendance decreases the likelihood of successful outcomes in therapy. There is a certain momentum that is gained with regularity.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept insurance and literal cash only. We do not accept cards, HSA funds, electronic money, or checks at this time.

What’s the deal with sliding scale?

Our sliding scale is meant for those who are literally underprivileged. It is structured and based on income. Please reconsider asking for sliding scale if you are supported by family money in any way, are not historically and systemically underprivileged, and/or have the freedom not to work. On the other hand, if you are truly in need, please let us know and we’ll provide you with application materials.

Why can’t I reach someone on the phone?

We are all working hard with clients and managing the demands of our busy clinic. Our model also includes a healthy work-life balance for our staff. We have the awesome and honorable task of meeting everyone’s needs, including our own. We receive 10-30 inquiries every single day and have to triage our responses. Apologies if that leaves you feeling a less than personal experience. We do care about you and are pretty certain you will feel that when you walk in our door, if not sooner.

We simply have to have some limits in place to continue to provide quality counseling. That said, if you what you need really requires a phone call, by all means, leave us a message! We’ll get back to you as soon as humanly possible.