We’re hiring!

PLEASE READ: I will not be responding to inquiries/applications from applicants who do not meet the qualifications of the positions and/or whose applications do not address our specific community and approach of our clinic in a cover letter. I am also unable to hire long-distance, so please, only local applicants.

Job Summary
Owls’ Nest North (ONN) is hiring. We’re a small mental health clinic close-in NE that serves individuals, families, groups and relationships. We’re social justice and anti-oppression focused and have a couple of openings for new counselors.

Application process: Please email your resume and cover letter to Kristi Erlich. People of color and non-dominant cultures strongly encouraged to apply. Please, no calls. Your application will not be considered complete if you submit a form cover letter or your cover letter fails to address the qualifications of the position and specific values of our clinic.

Job purpose: The purpose of this position is to provide quality counseling through an anti-oppression lens to individuals of the wider Portland area. At ONN, a small mental health clinic, we seek to provide quality care to those who historically do not have access and to offer excellent working conditions to those who provide that care, as well as offering a learning environment for interns.

Duties and responsibilities

  • Provide quality counseling to a diverse set of clients (individual, group and relationship)
  • Coordinate client care with client providers as needed
  • Meet the needs of historically marginalized populations (LGBTQQi+, non-conforming ability, and POC)
  • Report clinical issues to clinical supervisor and deeply examine countertransference
  • Provide referrals and community resources to clients
  • Examine and apply anti-oppression factors in clinical work
  • Maintain professional ethical standards
  • Advocate for clients within larger systems


  • Perform administrative duties related to insurance contracts with an exceptional degree of accuracy
  • Document client progress, treatment plans, assessments diagnoses and outcomes
  • Practice mandatory abuse reporting and HIPAA standards
  • Maintain complete client records
  • Screen potential clients
  • Schedule and coordinate care directly with clients
  • Manage full-time caseload
  • Document eligibility requirements for sliding scale clients
  • Assist uninsured clients in identifying and applying for appropriate health insurance
  • Accurately report client and clinical contact hours
  • Utilize various phone and computer technology

Professional Development

  • Complete continuing education as required to maintain license/licensee status
  • Participate in clinical supervision as required by licensing board and state contracts
  • Gain any needed skills to assist clients through formal and informal means
  • Participate in formal and informal education around anti-oppression and instersectionality issues

Personal Qualities

  • Ability to solve complex problems in a community setting
  • Skilled and practiced at emotional self-regulation, and personally stable
  • Self-reliant and independent, but able to ask for assistance when needed
  • Committed to examining counter-transference and power dynamics
  • Reliable and organized
  • Resilient and open to feedback
  • Capacity to maneuver grey areas and adapt to contextual needs
  • Flexible as clinic needs develop and change
  • Communicative and able to resolve interpersonal conflict

Qualifications and Skills

Successful completion of a master’s level counseling program (on track to becoming an LPC and/or LMFT or LCSW) and QMHP eligible or licensed. At minimum, registered with the Oregon Board of Licensed Professional Counselors and Therapists or Social Workers as an intern.

  • Must pass a criminal background check prior to hiring
  • Bilingual preferred
  • Postgraduate training in somatics or other alternative modality preferred
  • Experience and education on how issues of oppression and social justice impact client mental and relational health.
  • Experience and ability to openly examine and discuss issues of privilege and power, as it relates to our clinical work and impact in our professional collaboration and community.
  • Demonstrated willingness and ability to meaningfully collaborate with a clinical team on social justice and anti-oppression issues.
  • Knowledge of systemic factors impacting GLBTQQi+ people and people of non-dominant cultural experiences.
  • Familiarity and experience with concepts of intersectionality.
  • Ability to manage a fair amount of paperwork to keep records up-to-date
  • Willingness to take direction on both clinical and administrative issues
  • Skilled at using technology for email, word processing and internet access. Easily adaptable to new technologies.

Counselor QMHPs must demonstrate the ability to conduct an assessment, including identifying precipitating events, gathering histories of mental and physical health, substance use, past mental health services and criminal justice contacts, assessing family, cultural, social and work relationships, and conducting a mental status examination, complete a DSM diagnosis, write and supervise the implementation of a Service Plan and provide individual, family or group therapy within the scope of their training. Counselor QMHPs must meet the following minimum qualifications:

  • Graduate degree in psychology;
  • Graduate degree in recreational, art, or music therapy; or
  • Graduate degree in a behavioral science field;
  • Recovering Staff: Program staff, contractors, volunteers and interns recovering from a substance use disorder, providing treatment services or peer support services in substance use disorders treatment programs, must be able to document continuous abstinence under independent living conditions or recovery housing for the immediate past two years.

Working conditions
This position may require some evening and weekend hours depending on shifts available. A successful candidate can expect to provide 7-20 hours a week of client contact hours, and up to 10 administrative/meeting hours (includes clinical and administrative supervision and team meetings) per week. Compensation is hourly, plus commission. Clinical supervision is provided to LPC and LMFT Interns who do not operate a private practice and work for ONN for at least 20 client contact hours per week. Candidates must carry their own professional liability insurance and are required to have some flexibility as to clinical contact hours as their caseload increases to a full (20 contact hours per week) and as fluctuations occur, but ONN maintains a waitlist of 20-50 clients, so work is never scarce.

Physical requirements
This position requires sitting with clients for extended periods of time and repetitive tasks (email, documentation, etc.).